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The idea for a museum in Clarksville was a dream that  became a reality in the summer of 2005 when Rebecca Carey, Janet Jones and Winnie Blanks assembled a group of friends who shared their love of the town and desire to create a single repository of memorabilia representative of the town's rich history.


Winnie Blanks served as the initial chair of the group, Rebecca Carey was secretary and Harrison Blanks signed on as treasurer.


The doors were opened to the public in November 2005 at the museum's first home, a small house on Highway 58 next to Blanks garage.


Three years later, the Clarksville Regional Museum moved to its permanent home, the Sam Davis House, located at the intersection of Eighth and West Streets in downtown Clarksville.


This expanded space allowed the museum to create, for the first time, a series of permanent collections of local historical significance, among them the Tobacco Room, Buffalo Springs Room, Clarksville Room, and the Military Room. There is also a pictorial history of the making of Buggs Island Lake.


The Clarksville Regional Museum is operated for the collection, exhibition, and preservation of items which are historially significant to the past, present and future heritage of the Clarksville region. Its exhibits, both permanent and temporary, offer a snapshot into the life of the town and its people, from its beginnings as a trade outpost for the Occoneechee Indians, through its heyday as a major tobacco market, and on into modern times.


The founders of the Clarksville Regional Museum were Rebecca Carey, Janet Jones and Winnie Blanks. Today, the museum is governed by a Board of Directors that includes Jackie Lilly, Curator and Executive Director, John Paradise, President, Jim Aulusio, Vice President, Pam Barkalow, Secretary, and Barbara Goldberg, Treasurer.      


Our collections come from the people of this area who share our love for the community and desire to preserve the past for future generations.

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